Bottled water delivery service near me in Ho Chi Minh city

As in most major cities in the country, it is not advisable to drink water from the tap in HCMC especially if you’re a foreigner visiting or an expat who just moved. What to do? Simple. Get it delivered.

Bottled water are a common feature in all offices, restaurants and hotels. Most private residences have water delivered in 20-litre bottles at a cost of about VND55,000 – VND70,000, depending on the brand. The delivery men will come almost immediately after you call them, making your water provider a useful contact to have in your phone.

Bottled water delivery service near me in Ho Chi Minh city

Le Duc Water runs business in the field of bottled water, supporting items, hot and cold water dispenser. We have currently supplied products from 15 leading brands of bottled water industry with brands Vĩnh Hảo, i-on Life, Lavie, Bidrico, Aquafina, Dasani…

Two safest type of drinking water:

1. PET bottles: suitable for those who do not cook at home

2. Ordering 20 Litre bottles : suitable for those who often cook at home. You can choose the ones with tap or without tap.

Le Duc Water provides door-to-door bottled water delivery service to all areas within Ho Chi Minh City.

Freeship with any order of more than three 20 Litre bottles/ packs, depending on the shipping address of customer.

  • Prices and products subject to change at any time without notice
Đại lý giao nước uống Lê Đức Water
Bottled water delivery service – Lê Đức Water

How does Home Delivery work?

Step 1: Call us on the Hotline 0938 68 11 36

Step 2: Tell us what kind of water you want to buy and provide your address

Step 3: The staff of Le Duc Water will deliver water to you in the shortest time and receive money

We also work with you to establish a delivery frequency suited to your needs. Keep in mind, if you ever run out of water, just give us a call and we will quickly arrange a special delivery to you.